Meet Stacey!

Bringing her international flair & 20 + years in our industry, fresh out of LA, Stacey is happy to be home in Christchurch & joining our team of international experts. Find out more about Stacey below. "I am a senior stylist recently joining the Mods Team this year bringing my fresh ideas & knowledge from [...]

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Kerastase Extentioniste Range

Kerastase new Extentionsite range has arrived and is ready to work its magic on your hair.  Here to strengthen & lengthen your beautiful locks, this new range, offers 99% less breakage & 78% less split ends, while caring for your hair along the way.  Extentionsite is targeted at women who are wanting extra growth for [...]

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Chlorinated water, what it is doing to our hair.

A common issue with chlorinated water is an increased feeling of dryness in your hair. If you are regularly exposed to chlorinated water, this can cause damage and noticeable symptoms. With the recent change in our water here in Christchurch, it is quickly becoming apparent that the chlorine is affecting our bodies and hair.  Hair [...]

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The Art of Hair Colour

Words by Hannah Geraghty from Mods Hair We are all aware of how to use make-up contouring to give us those gorgeous cheekbones or to accentuate or soften the jaw only to have to do it all over again the next morning. We also know that when you go to the hairdresser, that they cut [...]

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Argan Oil- Helping the World & Your Hair

In 2012, Julianne- Mods Director Visited the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains, to learn and watch the Production of Argan Oil, and to see exactly where our products come from. Argan Oil is now becoming something frequently heard of and used in Hair and Beauty Products. Therefore, with Julianne's knowledge on this product, she [...]

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Mens Hair Trend: Silver Fox

Only a celebrity could change our collective perception of grey hair.  The likes of George Clooney, and, most recently, Brad Pitt have demonstrated that going grey isn’t an unpleasant reminder of the ageing process so much as a very deliberate – and incredibly trend-conscious – grooming statement. Grey hair can exude a multitude of qualities, [...]

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French Twist Inspired Hair

  Up-dos don’t have to be intimidating.  This is a simple look that you can wear with an evening gown or even just a sweater and jeans. There's no better excuse than Bastille Day to try out this super chic look!  In just 5 simple steps, this messy french twist can be yours!   What You [...]

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Your Ultimate Guide To Going Blonde

Tips On Going & Dying Your Hair Blonde There are a multitude of different blonde hair colour shades from which to choose; everything from the palest platinum to dark blonde highlights over a dark brown base. Each shade of blonde can even have a variety of sub-shades. Confusing? Perhaps. But here are a few rules of [...]

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The Must Have Colour Trend: Babylights

Babylights are very fine, subtle highlights that are meant to look like the natural hair colour of children, where colour is brighter at the crown and the bottom of the hair. The trend became exceptionally popular up at the end of 2015, and now it's back in full force! The process is different in that usually [...]

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10 Top-Secret Confessions from a Hairdresser

Have you ever wondered what confessions your hairdresser would share if they could?  In this post we go behind the chair and reveal what your hairdresser really thinks about you and your hair! Read on to find out our top 10 secrets that hairdressers are dying to tell you! There is a “right way” to wash your [...]

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