Paris-based Mod’s Hair has extended its unparalleled global reputation to New Zealand. Credited in magazines around the world, Mod’s hairstyles are created in the studio in sessions with photographers, stylists, designers and fashion editors.

Mod’s hair continuously offers new styles which are introduced to the world via fashion runway shows and magazines. These styles are then further developed by the Mod’s Hair creative team into special salon styles that are easy to care for, natural and feminine.

A team of stylists from Mod’s salon in New Zealand travel to Paris for creative sessions at the Mod’s training headquarters. Constant updating of technical skills ensure Mod’s clients in New Zealand experience the same high level of expertise that European clients have enjoyed since 1968.

Mod's Hair
In Paris, Frederic and Guillaume established their first hair stylist agency specialising in studio work. Without a beauty salon, they attracted a rush of attention from magazines, advertisers and fashion photographers. The
new venture was named Mod’s Hair which means hair for fashion. The group worked for many fashion magazines such as Elle, Marie-Claire and Vogue.
Mod's Hair
They participated in many fashion shows of pre-a-porter (ready to wear) designers, for example, Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler etc who were rapidly becoming the focus of public attention, instead of haute couture. By year end, Japanese hair stylist, Tetsuya Tamura joined the group.
Mod's Hair
Excited readers who had noticed their credits in fashion magazines resulted in many enquiries to the media about the location of Mod’s Hair Salon. The magazine editors suggested they open a salon, soon after came the launch of their first Mod’s Hair Salon at 90 Rue de Rennes, near Saint-Germain de Pres in Paris.
Mod's Hair
Mod's Hair established its salon and Centre de Formation (Education Centre) on the Avenue Montaigne, one of the most prestigious streets in Paris. Nearby are the shops of Christian Dior, Nina Ricci and Chanel. Later that year Tetsuya Tamura, the sole Japanese member, opened the first overseas salon in Tokyo.
Mod's Hair
The first franchised salon in France opened. Since then franchised salons have opened in France, Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Korea, Belgium, Spain, USA, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan and New Zealand.
Mod's Hair
In January, Mod's Hair opened a main salon on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, which is regarded as the model salon for Mod’s Hair throughout the world. Following this the head office and Centre de Formation moved to the Rue d’ Amsterdam. A training facility to teach Mod’s stylists from all over the world.
Mod's Hair
Julianne Liebeck returns to New Zealand from Greece, having been on the Mod’s Hair international education team and involved in the setup of Mod’s Hair in Greece she is perfectly poised to realise her goal of developing the Mod’s Hair brand in Australasia. Soon after her return, New Zealand’s first Mod’s Hair is opened on Aikmans Road, Christchurch.

Mod’s Staff are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need, through our Paris History, were Mod’s began. We have our training school located in Paris where our stylists twice yearly attend to fine turn their skills.

Being apart of a salon where we have new season collections, bring ideas and knowledge to our stylists helping grow our salon by continuously training our team. The Mod’s way is based around working with the hair to create softness and movement, along with our client’s lifestyle, in order to create their look after they leave the salon.

Mod’s keep it real for each client, making sure that they can reach their hair needs, from our personalised service from the colour table to the stylist’s service. We know it’s important to be realistic with your look, knowing exactly what you need.

Each stylist recognises their personal strengths, and passions and would like their clients to utilise their information which in particular, can guide our new clients to find their perfect fit.


Hair Stylist

Katherine (Kat)

Hair Stylist


Colourist & Hair Stylist


Senior Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist & Colourist


Senior Hair Stylist


Blonde specialist/Colourist/Stylist

  1. To have the confidence and self-belief to create greatness

  2. Let’s work for success and wealth creation for all

  3. Made with Passion

  4. Embracing ambition

  5. The daily determination to achieve excellence

  6. Honesty and integrity with no compromise

  7. Respect each others strengths and support with loyalty

  8. Enormous contagious energy

  9. Global minds

  10. Let’s push play


Mod’s Hair – hair for fashion and you

The French are synonymous with having natural style – carefree, sexy and feminine. Mod’s typically embodies all of these with its heritage dating back to the birth of prêt-à-porter (ready to wear). In 1974, the change of focus from haute couture inspired the creation of Mod’s (“styled un-styled”, “coiffed-de-coiffed”)

The Technique
Our Mod’s contemporary cutting method incorporates easy-to-care styles that are both natural and feminine. The Mod’s technique works with the natural movement of the hair and our colouring technique balayage embraces the natural shades and method of colour.

Achievable, believable hair
Mod’s are still at the heart of creating. Having endured 40 years of fashion, runway and editorial work allows us to anticipate and bring you the latest in hair trends, fashion forecasting and techniques.

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