Lightweight, powerful & eco friendly.

The Parlux 3800 Ionic & Ceramic dryer has a 2100W K-Lamination motor, which reduces drying time and saves energy. This compact, lightweight dryer combines ceramic and ionic technologies to maintain the hair’s natural moisture and condition. Practical features include a built-in silencer, two unbreakable nozzles and a flexible 3m cable.

With no harmful emissions, plus recycled packaging and plastic, it is the most eco-friendly hair dryer available.

Made in Italy

Key features

• 2100 Watts K-Lamination motor with 2000 hours life
• Airflow 75 cubic meters per hour
• Low noise built-in silencer
• Two speeds, four temperature settings
• Coldshot
• Two unbreakable nozzles
• Highly flexible 3m cable
• Recyclable materials

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