Mod’s Staff are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need, through our Paris History, were Mod’s began. We have our training school located in Paris where our stylists twice yearly attend to fine turn their skills.

Being apart of a salon where we have new season collections, bring ideas and knowledge to our stylists helping grow our salon by continuously training our team. The Mod’s way is based around working with the hair to create softness and movement, along with our client’s lifestyle, in order to create their look after they leave the salon.

Mod’s keep it real for each client, making sure that they can reach their hair needs, from our personalised service from the colour table to the stylist’s service. We know it’s important to be realistic with your look, knowing exactly what you need.

Each stylist recognises their personal strengths, and passions and would like their clients to utilise their information which in particular, can guide our new clients to find their perfect fit.

Katherine (Kat)
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