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Mod’s Staff are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need, through our Paris History, were Mod’s began. We have our training school located in Paris where our stylists twice yearly attend to fine turn their skills.

Being apart of a salon where we have new season collections, bring ideas and knowledge to our stylists helping grow our salon by continuously training our team. The Mod’s way is based around working with the hair to create softness and movement, along with our client’s lifestyle, in order to create their look after they leave the salon.

Mod’s keep it real for each client, making sure that they can reach their hair needs, from our personalised service from the colour table to the stylist’s service. We know it’s important to be realistic with your look, knowing exactly what you need. Each stylist recognises their personal strengths, and passions and would like their clients to utilise their information which in particular, can guide our new clients to find their perfect fit.

Katherine (Kat)
Mods Stylist

I have had the pleasure of working with Mods Hair for over 3 years now as a stylist.

My passions and strengths are for hair ups, cutting for all hair types and ages, creating youthful styles with a modern edge and helping women in particular feel feminine.

My commitment to achieving and maintaining my clients ambition, builds a partnership helping to develop a long term plan, and creates the ability to personalize my clients experience and look to work in with their lifestyle.

I love working with my team to help our clients get premium service and work towards creating beautiful hair.  I am warm, friendly and a great listener and always look forward to my existing and future clients to visit. Through developing my skills with the Mods Seasonal collections from Paris, I enjoy taking these and using them with my clients to help adapt their look and style into their home hair routine.

Mods Colourist & Stylist

I have been at mods for 1 ½ years, originally coming from the UK. I specialise in both Colouring and Styling, and my passion is seeing my client from start to finish. Throughout their mods appointment experience, I always want to create looks that not only will my client love but that they can also manage at home.  I find that with offering this, I really get to know them and have a greater understanding of their hair. My aim is to always make people look and feel amazing!

Building a good, healthy relationship grows my awareness of their hair, as they return to the salon, I have the knowledge to recognise their hairs growth and parts of focus to continue to create the look and feel they are wanting for their hair. I see the hair as a work of art and take full pride in everything I do.
I am very bubbly and love to interact with my clients as I think this helps to build a great relationship between us and their salon visits.

Mods Stylist

I have been a part of Mod’s for 3 years with the role of a Senior Stylist. My passion is creating new looks on clients, being able to give them a look that they weren’t able to get anywhere else. What I love about my job is when I am able to create a new style on my client, that they didn’t believe they would suit or be able to manage for themselves.

I believe that listening to my clients concerns, is a crucial part of my work. I feel that maintenance, finance and style all comes into play when my client sits in the chair. I especially believe that a long lasting cut, being open and realistic to my client’s life, will make them feel amazing. I know everyone can feel and look special, once the right look has been created for them. I always refer to my client’s as if I was in their position, making sure what I do for them, will suit their life style.

Mods Colourist

I have been at Mods for over a year ½ and I am the rising star colourist for vibrant team of stylists. I am a natural born hairdresser, it’s in my bones! My focal point is colour, having a passion for the art form and an eye for perfection. I live and breathe hairdressing- it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle, a dynamic fusion of art, science and social energy. I love celebrating and experiencing the end result of my work on my clients – making them feel confident and chic.

I am energized, creative and synergise well with like minded people with a taste for the “New” the “Modern” and the Avant-Garde- whether its fashion, or the art of the hair form. My work perfects that and I love clients who are willing to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo.
Embrace being an individual amongst the crowd.

Mods Senior Stylist & Trainer

I have been with Mod’s Hair for 3 years now and I can honestly say they have been the most enjoyable, incredible, rewarding times in my 8 years of hairdressing. I am a Senior Stylist and Staff trainer who regularly goes to Paris and Germany to learn the new collections to bring back and train our team along with contributing to our Mod’s Magazine, Societe.

My strengths are absolutely bringing what I learn on my training trips and giving my clients a touch of Paris. Working alongside my team, helping them grow their knowledge in an amazing environment of talent, to offer exceptional service to my cliental. I love working with my clients to help achieve their hair visions and regularly maintain their hair. Whether my client wants to visit the salon daily or weekly for a blow wave or treatment, to perfecting a look they want and working with our current collection cuts, I love using my passion to make everyone feel special.