I have been at mods for 4 years, originally coming from the UK. I specialize in both Colouring and Styling, and my passion is seeing my client from start to finish. Throughout their Mods appointment experience, I always want to create looks that not only will my client love, but that they can also manage at home.  I find that with offering this, I really get to know them and have a greater understanding of their hair. My aim is to always make people look and feel amazing!

On my recent trip to Paris, I visited our Mods Training School & brought back new techniques to further extend my knowledge to keep things new for my clients.I am continuously extending my knowledge through the opportunities at Mods – whether I am teaching my skills to the team or giving my clients opportunities to transform their look.

Building a good, healthy relationship with my client, grows my awareness of their hair. As they return to the salon, I have the knowledge to recognize their hairs growth and parts of focus to continue to create the look and feel they are wanting for their hair. I see the hair as a work of art and take full pride in everything I do.

I am very bubbly and love to interact with my clients as I think this helps to build a great relationship between us and their salon visits.

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