The French are synonymous with having natural style – carefree, sexy and feminine.
Mod’s typically embodies all of these with its heritage dating back to the birth of prêt-à-porter (ready to wear). In 1974, the change of focus from haute couture inspired the creation of Mod’s (“styled un-styled”, “coiffed-de-coiffed”)

The Technique
Our Mod’s contemporary cutting method incorporates easy-to-care styles that are both natural and feminine.
The Mod’s technique works with the natural movement of the hair and our colouring technique balayage embraces the natural shades and method of colour.

Achievable, believable hair
Mod’s are still at the heart of creating. Having endured 40 years of fashion, runway and editorial work allows us to anticipate and bring you the latest in hair trends, fashion forecasting and techniques.
Mod’s Hair – hair for fashion and you.