Mods Re-Opening

Re-Opening We will be re-opening at Level 2, fingers crossed that will be Tuesday 12th May, we may not know that until Monday 11th May… We will do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that we look after every single one of you as swiftly and safely as we can.  We have begun [...]

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Invitation au voyage

Explore Paris, Tokyo & Los Angeles with our Autumn/Winter Collection 2019- Invitation au voyage. Paris- With its rebellious and captivating streak, which transcends the codes to assert for us French chic and an elegant style. Tokyo- A veil of perfect lines conceal the cheeky nature and passion. Japanese aestheticism is praised for its modern edge. Los Angeles- [...]

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Hello: Smith & Cult

Attention all Nail Lacquer lovers, you're going to LOVE Smith & Cult. Painting your nails brightens up your mood, no matter what the occasion! If you're sitting at your desk all day or jet setting on vacation, it's always nice to have your nails looking sharp. Isn't it even better when your polish is flawless & [...]

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The Haircut with a Difference

Mods has new advanced technology which brings a hair cut with a difference. We introduce our Hot Scissors, which bring hair cutting and long lasting results together. We know that the way your hair feels after leaving the salon is something that should last for weeks to come after your visit. Feeling like your hair [...]

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