I have been apart of Mods for 5 years with the Role of a Senior Stylist. My passion is creating new looks on clients that come from Fashion & World Trend, giving them a look that they weren’t able to get anywhere else. What I love about my job is when I am able to create a new style on my client, that they didn’t believe they would suit or be able to manage for themselves.

I believe that listening to my clients concerns, is a crucial part of my work. I feel that maintenance, finance and style all comes into play when my client sits in the chair. I especially believe that a long lasting cut, being open and realistic to my client’s life, will make them feel amazing. I know everyone can feel and look special, once the right look has been created for them. I always refer to my client’s as if I was in their position, making sure what I do for them, will suit their life style.

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