Words by Hannah Geraghty from Mods Hair

We are all aware of how to use make-up contouring to give us those gorgeous cheekbones or to accentuate or soften the jaw only to have to do it all over again the next morning. We also know that when you go to the hairdresser, that they cut your hair to your face shape. Now we can colour your hair to help contour your face—yes that’s right you don’t need to apply makeup

Now we can colour your hair to help contour your face—yes that’s right you don’t need to apply makeup everyday to recreate the same look. Here is how we do it; By using light and dark tones to create shadow and depth on the face, as well as applying color in specific areas of the hair, you can completely alter an entire face shape or specific areas. While similar to facial contouring, the application of colour in specific areas allows you to manage contouring in an exciting new way. The approach is tailored to suit to each individual. We use particular placement of colours for different face shapes to help elongate or create a more oval shape on the chin.

When using colour to help contour your face, it is important to also consider your underlying skin tone. If you’re cooler toned you’d suit chocolate browns, creamy blondes or orangey reds. If you have a warmer skin tone you are better suited to chestnut browns, honey blondes and coppery reds. So whether you want to brighten your complexion or balance your bone structure, hair colour could be your secret weapon.

Which one are you?

Round Faces

Lighter tones of colour are applied around the hairline, with darker rich tones below the ears and lower ends of the hair around the face. This will help to create a point for the face shape.


The Oval face shape is what we try to contour all face shapes to. It suits almost everything so to accentuate it even more we add texture and shine to make your features pop.


To shorten the length of a face, we add deeper tones to the roots and to add width to the sides we use delicate lighter shades from above the ears to the ends of the hair.


We use multi-tonal layers of light and dark applied to all corners of the face shape to soften the corners of the face around the jawline and around the temples, which softens lines and add more depth.


Otherwise know as the inverted triangle, a heart shaped face is softened by weaving lighter shades around the jaw line to create more width and balance to the face shape. Also to soften the bottom half of the face we uselight tones with depth at the roots.