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Cancer Society Ball 2017

Mods are counting down for the Cancer Society Ball 2017! I think we can all say that we enjoy a night of glam, getting our hair and makeup done, pulling out our favourite dresses and dancing the night away! We have your hair covered at Mods! Unsure what to get done? Bring a photo of [...]

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The Art of Hair Colour

Words by Hannah Geraghty from Mods Hair We are all aware of how to use make-up contouring to give us those gorgeous cheekbones or to accentuate or soften the jaw only to have to do it all over again the next morning. We also know that when you go to the hairdresser, that they cut [...]

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Argan Oil- Helping the World & Your Hair

In 2012, Julianne- Mods Director Visited the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains, to learn and watch the Production of Argan Oil, and to see exactly where our products come from. Argan Oil is now becoming something frequently heard of and used in Hair and Beauty Products. Therefore, with Julianne's knowledge on this product, she [...]

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