Only a celebrity could change our collective perception of grey hair.  The likes of George Clooney, and, most recently, Brad Pitt have demonstrated that going grey isn’t an unpleasant reminder of the ageing process so much as a very deliberate – and incredibly trend-conscious – grooming statement. Grey hair can exude a multitude of qualities, from “distinguished” to “rugged” depending on the exact shade of ash. Moreover, it can be an unusually cool look on a younger guy.

The first thing to know about going grey is that grey hair isn’t grey at all. It’s actually white. It only appears to be grey when viewed against the natural colour of your hair (a point to bear in mind when treating your colour). It follows, then, that guys with dark hair will develop a salt-and-pepper look while ginger men will invariably look blonder as they sprout greys.

Whatever your exact shade, grey hair requires a lot of upkeep in order to look sharp. On top of shampooing and conditioning, you’ll need to learn to play with very subtle tones, something that can be achieved with the help of a seasoned colourist at Mod’s Hair Merivale.

If you’re considering embracing the Silver Fox hair trend, book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our senior stylists at Mod’s to discuss how this can work for you!

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