Could it be that there’s something magical about red hot chili peppers?  Studies indicate eating spicy foods may actually pave the way to a longer, healthier life. Spicy peppers are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, B6, and K, as well as potassium and, most notably, capsaicin, the hot compound in peppers.  From antioxidant power to serotonin boosts, the health benefits of peppers are numerous!  We are passionate about sharing natural remedies to boost your health and wellness!  Keep reading to learn what peppers can do for your body.

main.original.585x0-5Peppers pack a one-two punch for lowering blood pressure. Vitamins A and C effectively strengthen the heart muscle walls, while the capsaicin increases blood flow throughout the body. The combination supports a healthy cardiovascular system. Chili peppers have also been known to reduce the effects of bad cholesterol.

main.original.585x0-6Spicy foods can boost feel-good hormone levels like serotonin, proving spicing up your life may actually help you cope. Instead of reaching for something sugary, try a little chili pepper or sliced ginger the next time you’re craving a mood boost.


Inflammation in the body is at the root of a laundry list of health issues, from heart problems to arthritis. Studies indicate capsaicin may help fight and reduce inflammation in the body, making its overall health benefits exponential.

Capsaicin has a thermogenic effect that may cause the body to burn more calories up to 20 minutes after consumption. Not to mention, adding a little zest to your diet via jalapeños or ghost chiles keeps even the most monotonous of meals interesting.


Capsaicin has been used as a natural painkiller for decades. When combined with caffeine (try a little cayenne pepper with your coffee), the combination has been documented to combat the onset of migraines and headaches.


main.original.585x0-10Spicy food is widely believed to cause indigestion; However, there is precious little hard data to support this claim. In fact, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, capsaicin supports digestion.

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