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Balayage is not just for blondes

From Paris to New Zealand, the technique of balayage has been turning heads. Stylists and celebrities have embraced the technique and it is becoming more prevalent that this isn’t just a look for the blondes! When you think of balayage – a modern, chic, sun-kissed blonde will probably come to mind. However the colour technique is [...]

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Le Grand Véfour | Paris

Le Grand Véfour- A gastronomical restaurant in Paris. Jewel of the 18th century “art décoratif” located in the heart of Paris - next to the Gardens of the “Palais Royal” - Le Grand Véfour has been the finest gourmet rendez-vous of the Parisian political, artistic and literary society for more than 200 hundred years. 17 [...]

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Saggio Di Vino | Christchurch

Lisa and Yommi’s devoted locals are once again enjoying Saggio’s award winning food served with a level of service to aspire too. While the restaurant has adopted a contemporary interior since relocating after the earthquakes, Saggio’s philosophy has remained, serving the best food, skillfully prepared using the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Saggio’s menus truly [...]

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Mod’s Hair at Paris Fashion Week 2013

With Mod's Hair having it's roots stem from the runways of Paris, it's only fitting that Mod's Hair director Julianne Liebeck has headed to France to see the latest trends at Paris Fashion Week 2013. Above: Mods at Fashion week - Julianne with Karen from Victoria Black holding up their invites to the Dries Van [...]

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